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McManus Title Company

We provide real estate and lending professionals a client-centered title and escrow service that range from the most basic home mortgage closings to the most complex and challenging real estate settlements and closings. At McManus Title we want both our customers and clients to receive world-class customer service at every step of their transaction. We help homebuyers and sellers, real estate agents and brokers, mortgage lenders, commercial property professionals, homebuilders and developers, title & escrow agencies and legal professionals close their most important transactions.

Our Benefits

Reliable title services; our experienced team of professional understands the current real estate market and will respond to its ups and downs with keeping your purchase or sale right on track. Our services are provided to banks, developers, realtors to name a few. However; since 1999 our main focus is our customers, clients and their satisfaction, we make sure that you get your money’s worth. Prevention and protection against fraudulent transactions by having high levels of security verification for customers, realtors, developers and all parties involved in a transaction. Providing and securing all funds in a written legal form before the funds are disbursed. Disbursement of funds will be done in a timely and prompt manner.


Commitment to high quality service. We have focused the last 18 years of service on building an excellent reputation based on customer satisfaction and knowing that the best recommendation you can receive is word to mouth. We provide closing and title services (buyers and sellers), including but not limited to lenders, developers all over the USA, realtors and plenty offshore resorts. We understand our specialty areas and we are able to promptly satisfy our customer’s needs. Buying a second home thinking of vacationing in is a dream that we can help accomplish.


We pride ourselves by providing to our clients the highest standard of customer services. - Escrow and Closing, holing of funds and distribution. - Having and all around experienced staff and being able to accommodate your schedule to be able to follow up or close your transaction wherever on whenever needed. - Our team of professionals offer our clients with prompt and accurate Title Searches and Examinations. - Our team can be in charge of contacting the Loss Mitigations department and come to a written agreement and draw the papers and packages to handle a short sale. - We take any opportunity to resolve and/or correct any title issue or problem. Outstanding Satisfaction of Mortgages and Corrective Warranty Deeds are just a few of the title issues we solve on a daily basis. - Our staff is experienced and fully knowledgeable in all notary laws, as well as providing a Notary Service.


Currently, increasing customer loyalty, attracting new customers, maximizing profitability and increasing year-round occupancy levels is offered by many of the biggest hotel chains as a part of a marketing tool to provide more options, balance their place in the market and improve their overall business performance. How it works: A luxury property is offered as a membership in segments, providing the potential buyer with a fixed or year-round of annual residence with an all included services. A one-time purchase fee is paid to acquire the right to use (in the amount of time, fixed or floating week it was agreed at the time of the purchase), adding an annual fee to cover the costs of maintenance of the property and the amenities offered with such. Acquiring this type of membership will vary depending on the hotel’s location and the requirements to be met according to the developer. Most common forms (but not limited) include: vacation club membership, deeded interest, ownership in a company limited by shares or guarantees. McManus Title Company’s legal abilities are ideally suited to simplify Fractional Ownership products and offer developers and potential buyers with a wide range of options.


Being able to choose the best legal structure is fundamental to the long-term success of any shared ownership development. If it’s a simple fixed week based timeshare model, a quarter share of a fractional property or the more complex Private Residence Club, the importance of the best legal structure should be the main concern of any strategy and financial planning. Since 1999 we have provided the design of legal structure for over 500 developments worldwide, this allows us to provide to our clients an unparalleled base which of course comes with plenty of benefits for them, we have been able to master the most important keys of the business to offer the best outcome for them. A few benefits include: - A proven system that can be implemented in international transactions, we have simplified it, therefore it comes with a very affordable cost. Our system provides lend credibility to the sales process by having the highest levels of security protection for consumers-customers-clients. - An easier and simple way for managing an exit strategy should you decide to sell or just walk away from the transaction or property. - Acknowledgement by our peers and lending providers within this industry, including banks and title exchange companies. We make sure the closing process is simple and cost effective. - We will ensure the process for issuing owner/member certificates, processing upgrades and resales will be easy and simple. - Foreclosure procedures for delinquent maintenance fees will be faster, it will be more cost effective and help recycle inventory in a more efficient way. - Agreements must be in place at the beginning of the transaction to ensure funds are safe and avoid unnecessary disagreement or disputes, ensuring the funds will be disbursed only upon the agreement being fulfilled.


There are two main types of PRCs, equity and non-equity based. The choice between an equity and non-equity based PRC will depend on which model is best suited to your business and will match your company's goals, the demographics of your target market and the location in which you want to work. How it works: Choosing between an equity or a non-equity based PCR will entirely depend on the one best suited for your business and will match your company’s goal, the demographic of your target market and the location where you want to work. In most cases, a one-fee membership, such as an annual management fee, consumers acquire multiple weeks or fractions either in a luxury membership or a portfolio of luxury private residences, often in unique locations, with the option to exchange with the hotel chain whenever/wherever possible, enhanced services such as private concierges, maid or butler services are often included. Our company’s vision is thought to facilitate private residence or destination club products and to be able to provide to both (developers and consumers) a wide range of benefits.